Canned lights and new paint.

To take pictures of canned lighting and new paint on walls is really not all that interesting.  But the result of canned lighting and new paint is unbelievable.  I feel like we have a new house.  While we were in California last weekend, we had the whole interior painted.  I came home on Tuesday night to a house that looked like a dust bomb went off.  But the walls looked amazing.  I spent the rest of the week at my parents house, too overwhelmed to live in the dust bowl.  I did go to the house every night to make a little progress.  My mom and mother-in-law (thankfully) helped.

Scott came home Friday and the weekend of productivity began.  I cleaned and Scott installed canned lights in the living room.  Before Scott’s installation, we simply didn’t have any lights in the living room other than lamps.  Lights make a huge difference!  I am a fan.  I hope you agree.

And on the cleaning front, we turned into crazy people.  We have wiped down every surface.  Apparently, when you get new texture on the walls, they sand off the old texture and that gets dust EVERYWHERE.  Everywhere, everywhere.  We have removed every linen–mattress pads, dust ruffles, etc.  We have scrubbed our living room rug.  We have wiped down the inside of every window.  Every surface of every bookshelf.  Every spool of the spool bed.  The tops of lamps.

For some reason, by getting the walls painted, I now can see the light at the end of the tunnel of this stage of the house fix-up.

  • Pick curtain fabrics, have them made, and hang them.  This is for all bedrooms and the guest bathroom.
  • Get living room furniture upholstered (still struggling with fabric choices).  Does anyone have suggestions on where to find a good selection of upholstery fabric?  I need more places to shop!
  • Determine where pictures should go and finally hang things on the wall.
  • Continue the canned lighting in the 3 bedrooms.
  • Hang the mirror in the guest bathroom.
  • Pick lighting for the guest bathroom and install it.

Scott keeps studying his “home improvement” books, trying to determine how to get fancy with the electrical stuff.  Turns out that to have two switches in one room (at separate ends of the room) that controls the same lights is a bit complicated.  He is working on it.

By the way, the color on the wall is Martha Stewart, Bedford Gray.  I highly recommend it.

Oh!  And you might be wondering why our TV is sitting in front of the “non” fireplace on top of two trunks.  Mounting a television was not on our list for the weekend but we were sick of the quiet house.  This was our temporary fix.

5 responses to “Canned lights and new paint.

  1. The lights look fabulous! They perk up that dark room and give it new life!
    Love the gray color.

    Love it all. Good work on all the clean up. Big Job!!

  2. Love it! So fresh and clean and the crown molding looks nice. Good work!

  3. The Woodards

    Fabulous! Grey is one of my favs and the lighting *does* make a big difference… (big fan of lighting)
    Fabric- maybe surf, many places will send swatches.
    I got my curtains on Ebay and am delighted…just ideas
    Congrats on the progress

  4. It’s looking wonderful!

  5. try for fabric choices. They have quilting fabrics too, but they have gorgeous choices. My friend got some beautiful Amy Butler fabric that I made curtains for her with. And they send swatches too. Love the color! Looks like a grown-ups house now. You have successfully fooled me into thinking you are a grown-up. good job.