Productivity sometimes makes your body hurt.

This weekend has been very productive.

Friday: hung the mirror in our guest bathroom.

Saturday: While I was shopping for fabric and doing another Ikea run, Scott was putting a canned light in the bathroom and hallway.  This took all day.  The space in the attic where he needed to be was very tight.  He worked his tail off, but got it done.  We then cleaned that bathroom so that it is now usable.  All we need now is a roman shade and we will be finished…with that room.

I came very close to making some decisions on fabric for the couch and chairs for the living room.  Here are some of the fabrics I am considering.

I have really struggled with how to funky up my old lady couch without making it too modern or trendy.  I think I really like this fabric.

I really like the funky of this fabric–I think I might use it in a pillow.  It is pretty expensive but I really love it.  It has great texture, which you can’t see in the picture.

I am still working out the details but am happy to have made progress.

I also bought curtains at Ikea, even though I only went to return some things.

Sunday: After a rainy morning and a great day at church, Scott installed lighting in our bedroom.  He really is amazing.  He bought a bunch of plastic and covered our entire room before he started.

You might be wondering why–

Here’s why.

And this.

The project is very messy.  He kept apologizing for the mess, even though he was doing something that significantly improves our house.

He also spend some time in the attic.

The attic seems pretty miserable.  In fact, today the temperature was quite pleasant, but a few days ago when it was really hot, Scott wore his surgical mask in the attic and came out saying he now understood why waterboarding was such bad torture.  He was sweating so much in the mask he couldn’t breath.  Is it weird that I laughed?

Eventually, after a lot of hard work, this was the result.

Pay no attention to the towel on the door, or the junk on our nightstand, or the fact that we don’t have any artwork over our bed.  Just look at the warm, wonderful, modern lighting.  Nice, huh?  There are 4 canned lights in the room and I am in love with the look.

Scott has spent probably about 6 or 8 hours in the attic this weekend.  He says his time in the attic is kind of like hot yoga–balancing on the wood beams, toasty temperatures, etc.  We only had one injury–a simple cut on the hand was all.  Now he is clean and firmly planted on the couch, unable to move.  I am so grateful to have a guy who works so hard for our benefit.

2 responses to “Productivity sometimes makes your body hurt.

  1. Love the progress! The funky fabric would make a nice simple wall hanging too… I’d love to have canned lighting throughout…and in the last pic of the bedroom- what color/brand is the wall paint??? You and I have similar color choices 🙂 Will email you a few pics of our progress soon.
    You are lucky indeed to have a husband that ‘gets to it’ I am the chief enthusiast home project person in my marriage (except the gorgeous stone work he has accomplished)
    I have been getting the pond buttoned up for winter as well as the gardens.
    Love seeing the progress …can’t wait to see the new curtains! Somehow I picture those IKEA curtains with the leaf pattern maybe??

  2. i love that you were perfectly poised with your camera for the point when all of the stuff fell from the attic. you should be in full time photography – please start taking action shots of me at work. (i am not joking)