Leelee makes 60 seem super young.

Happy birthday to my mom!

Somebody asked me recently what the secret was to the relationship I have with my mom.  I had no idea what to say, but it got me thinking. And I decided that it had a lot to do with grace.  I never wonder if my mom is pleased with me.  In some instances, she might not be.  But holistically, I know that she loves me no matter what I do.  She gives me the benefit of the doubt.  She does not question  my decisions.  She asks the questions I need to answer.  She loves who I love.  She is engaged in my life, as I am hers.  I love living life along side her.  Cooking in the church kitchen.  Studying the Word.  Choosing upholstery fabric together.  Discussing the “look” of a room.  Recounting recent conversations with Jane and Fletcher.  Discussing recipes.  Talking about plants.  Whatever it is, I feel very safe in my relationship with my mom.  And she loves my husband and thinks he is as heroic as I think he is.  That goes a long way.

Besides all that: she is just fun.  She indulges just enough.  For instance, if I had gone to Ikea alone this weekend, I would have come home starving.  But with Mom?  We stopped for a few minutes to get the $2.99 swedish meatballs.  She just takes time to enjoy life.  And she had not even intended on going to Ikea, but she called at the beginning of my fabric quest and ended up joining me for the whole day of my mission.  She is totally available for fun at a moment’s notice.

I always thought 60 was old, but now that my young mom is 60?  Well, that age seemed to get a little younger in my mind.

She better be around for another 40+ years, because I absolutely love living alongside her.

4 responses to “Leelee makes 60 seem super young.

  1. you make me cry and you are too generous with your words.
    Thank you Chelsea and I love you too:)

  2. That was really sweet, Chelsea! Gave me a lot of thoughts on how I would like to treat Gable.

  3. Allison Bolton Wells

    Great post! Great lady! Great daughters!

  4. you captured your mom so well. you are so blessed to have her and we are all lucky to know her! if this whole lawyer thing gets old, you could totally make a living as a writer! 🙂