Erika’s 10 design commandments.

I have followed Erika, from Urban Grace for a long time.  I love her design style.  She mixes old and new, industrial and traditional, and puts a great twist on a room while keeping things relatively simple.  For instance, this is her, in front of her garage door.  I want her garage door.  She has (loose) instructions for how she made the garage look so cool.  The windows are actually hubcaps.

Anyway, High-Heeled Foot in the Door interviewed Erika a few years ago.  Part of the interview included Erika talking about her 10 Design Commandments.  They are:

  1. No fake plants (amen, sister)
  2. Avoid hanging art on the diagonal
  3. Let your designer (or a stylish friend) accessorize your home
  4. Avoid contrived faux finishes (especially on walls)– they will date themselves
  5. Avoid arranging furniture and rugs on the diagonal
  6. Better to buy something interesting from a thrift store than something from a big- box retail chain
  7. Mattress pads – every bed needs one
  8. Pillow protectors – every sleeping pillow needs one
  9. White sheets (on occasion there are exceptions to this rule)
  10. White towels

I agree with all 10, except I don’t really understand #2.  I am not sure how this could really be accomplished.  Does this mean don’t let pictures be crooked?  Or don’t hang pictures by a corner?  Or don’t line up framed work in a diagonal pattern?  Not sure.  But all the others, I wholehearted believe in.

And now that I am on a search for bedding for a king-sized bed, the quest for the perfect white sheets is on.  So far, Tuesday Morning has the best option, but I have not yet ventured over to TJ Maxx and Ross.  Any other good spots for good bedding at a reasonable price?

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