Austin had about 6 festivals this weekend.  The Texas Book Festival.  The Gypsy Festival of some sort where all the trailer food from the city convened in one location.  A half Ironman.  Some beer festival.  This really was a great weekend to live in Austin.  But as serious home improvement people, we did not allow ourselves to get distracted.  We spent two solid days working on our home.  No rest for the weary and no time for fun when there is work to be done!  In fact, it was exactly where we wanted to be because we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I love a good food festival, but I am ready to be done with this phase of the home improvement on Bonnie Road.

This was the weekend to move back into our house.  We spent a few nights away for the painting, and had packed up all of our stuff and shoved it into places that were not being painted.  But really, this was the weekend when we could begin settling.  It seems like since we moved in in April we have been in a temporary state, trying to figure out our plan for painting, fixing, installing, etc.  So this weekend, we hung some things on the wall, installed lights in the hallway, cleaned, cleaned some more, hung curtains, and ironed bed linens.  And here is our progress.

The master bedroom. We will make an upholstered headboard but I need inspiration on the material. We also need an actual duvet to go inside the duvet cover. And a piece of artwork over the bed. But there is a new (big) mattress, new bed linens, and curtains. I call that progress.

Here's the other side of the room. No progress there. Perhaps we should unpack from being gone, put away the clean laundry, clean the dirty laundry, and put a tv in that media cabinet.

This is the guest bedroom that now houses our old bed. It will have some white bed linens with some pink included. It is sort of just what I have. I love the white but don't want it to be all white but don't love the pink. I have one of four curtain panels hung. I had all four but realized a few had stains on them. Of course I had ironed them and then had to rewash. The bed is holding the bed skirt for the master bedroom. Clearly the bedroom is not ready for guests, but the fact that the room is not filled with boxes is progress made this weekend. And I like the black, gray and white combo. I will lose the ironing board.

This room has a ways to go--our favorite seamstress, Earlene, will make some red and white curtains, but I just need to find fabric first. And perhaps we can pick up all the crud from this room to make it liveable. This room keeps us honest on how far we have to go.

The living room. We call it a work in progress. Yes, Scott is picking his toes in this pictures. He is going to love that it was documented. I will order upholstery fabric this week. I am waiting for one more sample. On Friday, the room was bare. Now the curtains are hung, the tv is hung (which is not easy), furniture has returned, and the rug has been laid. We are playing around with furniture placement. And we have moved the trashcan back to the kitchen. The picture was taken while the freshly mopped kitchen floor was drying.

This is a view from my office/closet that fully documents the fact that upholstery decisions take time and certainly evolve. I sure like all the color in one place.

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  1. I love both boards and the color choices there. You have a great eye–I can’t wait to see what you end up with!