Do it again!!!

In our family, we tend to blow out the candles on a birthday cake several times.  One time just is not enough.  This is especially true with a high volume of small people around.  It typically happens like this.  We slowly sing “Happy Birthday” as the cake is entering with candles lit.  The birthday person then slowly blows about the candles at the end of the song.  And before the song is quite over, Dad is yelling, “DO IT AGAIN!”  And so we do it again at a faster pace.  Kids take turns helping with the candles.  Spit goes flying.

So, when we celebrated Mom’s birthday earlier this month with our extended, “chosen” family, we sang and blew out candles perhaps a record number of times.  Note: the birthday song got faster and less significant with every candle-blowing experience.

First up was Jane.  I think she might have done it twice.  She IS the first grandchild, you know. Song is sung.  Candles are blown.  DO IT AGAIN!

Next up was Jon.  He was so proud of himself. He kept saying afterwards, “Jon blow out candles.  Jon blow out candles!!”

Ann was very excited to follow her brother.  “My turn!”

Apparently Dad thought Ann needed a little assistance.  Jon watched to judge Ann’s skill.  She did great.

And then, what we never expected: Ashley wanted in on the fun.  This would be her inaugural candle blowing experience.  Before this day, similar experiences have been aborted early in the process and have ended in tears.

Ashley got up in Leelee’s arms, blew out those candles and was out of there, in about 10 seconds flat.  But she did it happily!  Way to go Ashley!

The adults decided that the lemon meringue pie without the candles was the better choice to actually consume–less saliva.

One response to “Do it again!!!

  1. WE DID THIS IN OUR FAMILY TOO — when all of us were young 🙂