I really love color.  But I am scared of choosing colors in my living room that I will later regret.  Color preferences change but couches tend to stay awhile.  In the process of choosing colors and fabrics for our living room furniture, I have been drawn to color, but scared of color all at the same time.  What is too much?  What if it seems too wild or busy?  Visualizing the finished product is hard.  I want to take risks but make sure they turn out good in the end.  I guess I can say that the process of choosing fabrics and colors has been much like life–risks are scary.

Elements of Style recently blogged about a store called Furbish, a very high end furnishings store.  The Elements of Style blogger, Erin, went to Furbish’s High Point Market shop in North Carolina, and featured their merchandise on her blog.  And after seeing this shop, and realizing how much I love the mish-mash of color, I as no longer scared.

I think this room looks really fun, but nothing in the whole room matches.  And there are prints everywhere.  That gives me hope.  There is continuity in the color scheme, but not in the prints.  I like it.

Again on this bed–nothing matches.  Lots going on, but it works.  This is the look I like.  Very eclectic but put together.

The moral of the story is that taking risks, in design and elsewhere, are worthwhile.  And I am totally doing that for my living room.  I just hope it works.  Stay tuned.

2 responses to “Color.

  1. just go with what you love. You are the one who gets to live with it, so don’t worry if other people don’t love it too (well, except for Scott of course). I loved the fabrics you showed earlier, and remember that you can always tone down in other ways. Go for it! I think this look shows your personality perfectly–a little zany and fun and, most of all, happy! Good luck.

  2. I also had those dreaded fears! Then I saw an Oprah show with a designer that said, “couches are expensive and should be considered forever furniture that will go with any decor that changes” I wore that slogan like a tattoo when sofa shopping. Why? Because I saw wayyyy too many different couches that I liked. It took me 2 years to find the ‘one’. Sure it is neutral. And it is a lasting leather that can sustain. But I can throw any color on it and in the room and never regret it. Good luck… glad my search is over!