I went shopping this weekend with one of our dear friends,  who is frozen in time in my brain at about the age of 18 months.  Well, now she is older and likes to shop at places like Hollister and Abercrombie.  I had never been in Hollister and hadn’t stepped foot in an Abercrombie in quite a long time.  Both stores were blaring Christmas music.  It is Halloween for crying out load!

But here I am thinking about Christmas stockings.  I have admired these stockings for a long time.  I love that they are not necessarily Christmas-y, but are simply bright and fun.  The fabric is Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon, which is a very high-end fabric that sells for about a million dollars a yard and is super recognizable.  What better way to use this beautiful, bright, colorful fabric than in a little stocking.  If I could find postage stamps made out of the fabric, that would likely be more along my price point.

Plum Cushion has some really great stuff.  Stop by and take a look.  And if you come to my house this Christmas, these might must be hanging on my mantle.

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  1. Bonnie Buchholtz

    ……..but you no longer have a mantle !! Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in Thailand where Bill and I spent time on the beach.