The transformation of a closet.

Scott was a work horse this weekend.  He changed a space that used to house the back of a fireplace…

…to an actual closet!

Scott goes to bed early, as do I.  We really are a good match.  But after I spent Saturday night hanging with my favorite 6th grader, I came home thinking I would crawl into bed with Scott who would already be sawing logs.  Boy, was I wrong.  He was outside, surrounded in scrap sheet rock and saw dust, cutting the last few pieces of shelving.  He sheet rocked the closet, taped and floated it, and installed shelves.  Heroic.  I did not realize Scott had such skill when we first got married,  but I sure am delighted to have a handy husband!  Next up?  Making a king-sized headboard.

4 responses to “The transformation of a closet.

  1. Bonnie Lane is coming alive!!!!! Way to rock Scott!!!

  2. Bonnie Lane is coming alive, way to rock Scott!!!!

  3. Martha Hudson

    Wow!!! You do have a talented, creative hubby….Love, Martha

  4. Hilary Stegemoller

    Seriously! Everything you guys are doing is exactly what Josh and I have one a future list of To-Do’s. Except, we don’t know how to do any of it. Is Scott willing to be in Brownwood awhile and donate his skills to our fixer-upper house?