The best calendar.

I love the Paper Source.  Well, okay.  Really, I love paper.  And Paper Source has great paper.  Including this calendar.

I have bought or been given this calendar for the last several years and I love it.  It is so fun and functional.  I try not to flip through the calendar before hand so that every month can be a little bit of a surprise.  But look at the 2012 version.  Isn’t it beautiful?

The best part about it is the back of each page, which contains a template for something else.  So the calendar page can be used for something great, like gift tags, a file folder, a gift box, etc.  So at the end of the year, I go to town with the scissors and have a stash of items to make my life pretty for the next year.  Wonderful.

You can buy the calendar here.

2 responses to “The best calendar.

  1. I LOVE Papersource. I have their calendar on my fridge but it is different. It is a hang up one that is spiral bound called the Art Grid Calendar. It has the funnest and most beautiful prints. I save the paper two and use it for scrapbooking or matting prints.

  2. That should say too instead of two. I’m an ideeut.