The evolution of a living room.

When we bought our house, the living room looked like the below pictures.  These are the pictures in the realtor listing.

Turns out there was a big black spot on the floor that was discovered when the previous owners moved.  We scrubbed the black and then moved our stuff in.

Then we ripped out the fireplace.

Then we had the house painted.

We started putting things on the wall and working on the details (while picking fabric for the furniture).

Oh.  And we hung the TV.

TODAY is the day that Dennis Edwards, the masterful, inexpensive upholsterer brings back my furniture with new upholstery!  I am so excited to see it come together.  We have to wait on the upholstery of the couch–the fabric I chose is on back order until the first of the year.  But the rest will be finished today.

There are still many details to complete.  Finish hanging things on the wall, which requires a little bit of framing.  Find a side table or two.  Find two small stool/bench things.  And work on the details.

2 responses to “The evolution of a living room.

  1. Love seeing all the progress!

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