Christmas cards.

I really admire those who don’t take their Christmas cards too seriously.  Those that walk into Sam’s and just order whatever.  Or those that simply order a card from any commercial place.  All they have to do is address, stuff and mail.  I wish I could just print labels, and buy the stamp available at the grocery store.

Why do I decide to start hand making stuff during the busiest time of year?  I wish I wasn’t so ridiculous.  And I don’t even think that the result is any better.  In fact sometimes it is worse.  For instance, last year, my stupid handmade card was illegible because the paper I bought wouldn’t go through most printers.  After being rejected by Kinkos and all of the local step-sisters, I ended up doing it on a tiny laser printer; much of the ink rubbed off simply by stuffing the envelope.  Lovely.  Someone who received it told me, “I loved your Christmas card but I couldn’t read the newsletter.”  That’s why I spent way too many hours of my life on the thing.

Disclaimer: I am not wanting to be critical of those who send cards made by someone other than themselves.  I love the cards I get in the mail as a way to catch up with people I wish we saw more often.  I also am not looking for compliments on my card.

But for some reason, I find great pleasure in making a card.  I like coming up with an idea and seeing it through the process.  It is an opportunity to feed my creative side.

This year I stayed simple.  I printed a color picture on textured paper.  Letter on the back.  Simple embellishment.  Bright envelope.  Hand addressed.  Return address stamp.  Postage stamp that matches.  But I still end up spending hours on all the elements.  And they are hours I actually enjoy.  I just wish I started them each year around June.

I find great pleasure in the hand addressed, specially-chosen stamp, pretty color envelope, etc.  The details are fun.  And I got them all in the mail yesterday!  Praise.  The.  Lord.  Now will I do with my time?  Maybe start on valentines….

4 responses to “Christmas cards.

  1. Aunt dot / dorthy

    Your cards are beautiful, much like most things that you touch. It’s a sweet reflection of who you are on the inside. I can’t wait to find yours in our mailbox. You probally will not be surprised to know, I stll have a Christmas picture you made and framed, in an art class from first grade. It is a treasure.
    Love, aunt dot

  2. Love it! Sweet post. One of the things I love most about you is your simple classic style and eye for details. I love what you pick out, and design. Can I just copy you next year?
    Love ya.

  3. Got my card today, and I love it as usual!

    Merry Christmas to you guys!

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