Christmas vacation/sledding.

We returned today from a wonderful vacation.  We skied.  We ate.  We rested.  But mostly, we sledded.

Scott is quite the snow surfer.

But it didn’t go as well as he would have liked.

I, on the other hand, landed just about everything.

Catching air…

…And landing it.

I think from this equation, you can deduce that the below images are really due to Scott’s poor sledding skills.

Kidding of course.  Scott is definitely the higher ranking sledder of our family of two.

Laura and Ryan seemed to spend lots of time either in mid air, or buried in the snow.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Ross, Patricia, Sophie and Drew were also very fine sledders.

Sophie seemed bored stiff.

Drew seemed to like it.  He went with his daddy before mustering the courage to open his eyes and go alone.

Not bad for a two year old!

Nana was the kids’ biggest cheerleader.

On Christmas morning, Laura, Scott and I went for a cold run in the snow.  It was wonderful.  We did not take Drew in his footed PJs.

Little Sophie was such a cherub in her snow suit.  She could hardly move.

We also cooked a little.  Scott kept me company in the kitchen.

(I think he is admiring my butt in this picture.)

It might look like from the below that we started Drew sort of young.  But it was only the adults who were partakers.

Scott and I skied one day and really loved our day-long date.

We are extremely grateful for Scott’s mom, Bonnie, for treating us to such a fun Christmas trip!

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