Aunt Dot and Jane.

Megan and I have a very special affinity for our Aunt Dot.  She is the one that spoiled us and craved us as small children.  We lived in Southern California for 3 years when we were very young.  Aunt Dot would take us to the beach, teach us beach etiquette (no feet on the towels), treated us to root beer or banana popsicles, etc.  We couldn’t get enough of her and I think the feeling was mutual.  Still is, in fact.  We don’t get to see each other enough these days but we certainly treasure the days we spend together.

Aunt Dot with Andy

This has been a year like no other for Aunt Dot, after losing her husband, John, to a stroke at the end of August, and marrying off her son, Andy, in September.  Life in 2012 is going to be very different for Aunt Dot, but if ever there was a person who could persevere, it was Dot.  She has the beautiful combination of fierce determination, graciousness, brains, tenaciousness, and unwavering kindness.  She is one strong woman.

And Aunt Dot showed me what it was like to be a fun aunt.  I had the pleasure of becoming an aunt, thanks to this big girl.

Jane came into the world on Aunt Dot’s birthday, 5 whole years ago.  The fact that she is 5 years old blows my mind.  Jane is cautious, goofy, creative, silly, very stylish, and absolutely my favorite 5 year old on the planet.

Happy birthday to two of my very, very favorites.  I wish I could be in Nashville (where Jane is with Granna and Tetcher) and Auburn simultaneously to celebrate.



One response to “Aunt Dot and Jane.

  1. Oh Chelsea, Thank you for this post. It has been weeks since I logged in to your Bolg. I love your writing and am amused often. But tonight , i came to the computer to pay the Chevron and Visa bill…. instead I typed in RULE OF SCOTT. Why? I don’t know….. i was so happy to find out it is our sweet Dot’s birthday. When I saw the picture of Andy and Dot I went and poured myself a glass of wine. Cheers! Yesterday i sent off and “I’m thinking of you card” and now i will send off that belated birthday card. We’ve been friends for a several years but never have done the “birthday thing”. I left her a message on her phone and i hope she is having a wonderful evening. You are such an amazing family!

    Happy New Year! Karen (One of the apron ladies!)