Details (napkins).

I admire the details that an experienced party-hoster can pull out of their hat.  When I help my mom with a party, she will go back to her laundry room and come back with something exceptional–a neat table runner, a different vase, old linens, etc.  Whatever she finds in her “stuff” seems to be the thing we need to make a table (or whatever) look pretty.

My sister has been good to collect details.  She has cute individual salt shakers for a table setting, some really cool candle holders, and some unique serving pieces.

I have been more reluctant to collect details but have now jumped on board.  I don’t want to hoard, but I want to have some unique details for my table.  So I have started with some fun napkins.  These red and white napkins from West Elm are a recent purchase to increase my supply of details.  My goal now is to use the details I have, and acquire quality details over time.  I think my mom and sister will gladly help me with my collection.

2 responses to “Details (napkins).

  1. Watch out! As soon as you start collecting, “everyone” who knows you will want to help out. Ask Grandma Melba about her chicken collection!!

  2. Megan Srygley

    You’re not calling me a hoarder are you?! As I begin to pack and purge, I am beginning to think I am one! 🙂