I have come to really love Pinterest. Do you know of it?  I am sure lots of you do….

I find Pinterest to be a great source for inspiration.  Some inspiration is good.  It is perfect for coming up with ideas for the house. But some of the inspiration is evil.

Exhibit A.

Pinterest is basically an  electronic bulletin board that allows you to mark things on websites to which you would like to return.  For instance, the above picture was part of a blog post about a dessert on a blog called “The Giant Blog of Cooking, Crafting, and other fun activities.”  Somebody thought it looked good, so they “pinned” it on Pinterest.  And then, when I logged into Pinterest, one of my friends had it on her board…because she pinned it.  And so I repinned it to my board called, “Yum.”  So now, when I go to my board on Pinterest called “Yum,” I can click on the picture and it will open the original blog that contains the recipe.  It means you don’t have to print things out or bookmark them online.  Clear as mud?

My favorite pins lately are below.



Brussel Sprouts here.


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