Scott turned 40 on December 21.  His friend, Todd, who he has run around with since he was about 12, turns 40 at the end of January.  So, Todd’s girlfriend, Allie, and I surprised them last night with a party.  Quite frankly, I can’t believe they were surprised.

I think that beer was Scott’s safety net for a few minutes.

The party was at my parents house.  Boy, am I thankful for parents who host.  They thought of everything.  They had a fire built in the front courtyard.  They had trashcans placed strategically.  Dad had picked up ice for the beer.  Mom had done yard work to make the place look good.  She cleared out her piles of stuff throughout the house.  She had dishes for everything.  We had a ton of help.  Laura brought a cheese tort.  Allie’s mom brought a side dish.  Mom had made roux for gumbo.  I completed the process while Scott was out of town last week.  It was quite the team effort.  Allie did desserts and convinced Todd to bring quail.

Todd owns a quail farm.  So our story to get the boys to my parents was this.  Mom wanted to serve smoked, stuffed quail at a party she was having for church people.  So Todd and Allie were supposed to deliver quail hot at 7 pm.  Mom and Dad had invited them to stay for the party but because they wouldn’t know anyone, Scott and I were to go with them.  So they picked us up and went to Mom and Dad’s.  Scott was carrying the cooler of hot quail, and wanted to go in the garage door but the garage door was closed.  He told me and Allie to go around and open it.  We demanded that Todd and Scott come with us through the front door.  And they were met with a surprise.  Scott’s first response was to say, “Alright.  I am out of here.”  But instead, he grabbed a beer and went inside.  Thank goodness!

There really is not much hair in this picture. Michael is picking up the slack for everyone else.

Scott was showered with lovely gifts.

Scott and I discovered this wine in Colorado.  I was so excited that I found it for the party.  Minor hitch: Scott drank beer all night.  Oh well.

I was humbled by those who came to celebrate.  And Scott said it was fun to go to a party where he knew pretty much everyone.  I am so grateful for all those who helped pull off the celebration.  And I am delighted to have done something to make Scott smile.  What fun.

One response to “Surprise!

  1. Thank you so so much for being my partner in crime. It is very true that with out your mom and dad this party could have gone down hill quickly! They are amazing and Todd and and I are so lucky to have wonderful friends like you and Scott.