Master bedroom details.

While Scott dreams of jack-hammering tile and completing big projects, I focus on the details needed to complete things.  I just want to complete a room at a time.  It is the way I can measure progress.  So far, we have really only completed the guest bathroom.  But we are close on a few others.  For instance, our bedroom.  We have upholstered a bench for the end of our bed.  We have made an upholstered headboard.  There is a fresh coat of paint in the room and bright curtains.  Now I focus on two more “needs.”

One is a quilt for the end of the bed.  Scott gets cold all the time and I wake up sweating.  So a quilt is our remedy.  And I wanted it to be pretty.

I found this awhile ago and it finally went on sale.

I think it fits nicely in our room.

The second “need” is artwork above the bed.  This “need” might need to wait awhile.  I am inspired by the picture that Erika (of Urban Grace) hung above her bed.  I pretty much like everything Erika does.  And I speak about her like I know her, but really, she is a blogger/designer that I copy and feel like I know.

The problem is that I have about 27 inches between the top of my headboard and the bottom of the crown molding.  So I need something long and skinny.  I talked to the artist who painted the picture above (Tastes Orangey) and a custom size original is a little out of my price range for now.  But some day.

Details will come.  One by one!

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