Rugs in the kitchen.

I would love to have a rug in the kitchen that looks like this.

I like this kitchen and its rug.  It inspired me to buy a rug for my sad little kitchen.  I thought it would brighten it up.  I went for a more contemporary look because we have plenty of antique in our house.  Here it is in the Crate and Barrel world.

But after living on my kitchen floor for a few days, the thing looked gross.  The white part became super dirty.  So I washed it in the washing machine.  Then it got little pills all over it.  So I pulled them off by hand but it still didn’t look good.  Then I took it to get cleaned professionally.  And $40 later it is sort of clean, but not going back in the kitchen.  Now it lives in a spare bedroom and I think the whole thing was a big waste of time.

How the heck do people keep rugs in the kitchen clean?  Most of the ones I see are kilim rugs which certainly are not washable.

My next project just might be to make my own rug from this website.

I would not choose this one exactly, but I love the idea of making a vinyl rug with a fabric I chose to cover my vinyl floor that is super ugly.  It would be so easy to clean.  Thought I doubt it is a long term solution, all I need a year or so!

4 responses to “Rugs in the kitchen.

  1. I use an outdoor rug in my kitchen. You can wash it with the hose outside. My runner has lasted through a black lab and a baby. I need a fresh one soon as well! Good luck!

  2. Check out It could be your short term solution, maybe even long term.

  3. Marshalls sometimes has smaller oriental style rugs for not too much. That’s what I did for a few places in our house in MD. They don’t show dirt as much and can be cleaned once a year or so, or by stanley steemer. Or just get a cute rag rug–think Pier 1. They can be washed, and they are supposed to look kind of frumpy, so they look okay after washing. good luck!

  4. This is why I don’t have a rug in my kitchen. Every time I’ve had one it gets gross ASAP. The outdoor rug is a good idea. But not as fun to be barefoot on.