A birthday stove.

Guess what is being delivered today.

Scott knows me.

I consider one of the sweet benefits to being married for more and more years is the interesting process of one truly knowing every quirk of the other.  And it seems like over time, it becomes easier to know each other more deeply.  I can tell by the tone of Scott’s greeting on the phone whether he is with people or not.  He now can determine when I need alone time.  We just become more and more in tune.

I am also not one to gush over my husband.  Sometimes I talk about the funny things he says and does, but hardly ever will you see me say things like, “MY HUSBAND IS AMAZING,” on Facebook or something.  It just isn’t our style.

Well, I gotta say.  My husband is amazing.  And here’s why.  He knows that the way to my heart is through kitchen appliances. He just knows me!

Because we are a year or so away from a total kitchen rehaul, I spend a lot of time studying what I would want.  What is the best stove for the money?  What type of sink would I want?  Do I like soap stone or marble countertops?  I just like studying my preferences.  And in so doing, I have always been drawn to a fancy, expensive, high-end, chef-looking, industrial, gigantic stove.  But seriously.  How could that be justified?  Well, really?  It can’t.  Not for me.  So Scott knows that when we budget for this remodel, I would decide to buy something else–something that could be justified and that was not overly extravagant.  And so what did he do?  He bought me a stove for my birthday.  I love that man.

It isn’t as expensive as it looks, but it sure is pretty.  And it is definitely an improvement over this.

Well, let’s be honest.  Pretty much anything is an improvement over my current stove.  But I am really excited about the new one.

I am guessing it will look a little funny in my small kitchen, but that doesn’t bother me.

And you know what is more?  Scott says there is another surprise coming.  MORE??

And my birthday isn’t even until Thursday!

2 responses to “A birthday stove.

  1. Wow! How exciting! What a great birthday gift!

  2. we got a 5 burner dual-fuel convection oven with a second side oven when we moved into our new house a few years ago–it was my big splurge (that and a bottom-freezer refrigerator). It’s the thing I miss most about my house now that we’re back in So Cal. Every day! Enjoy the new stove. you’ll love it! and happy birthday!