The beginning of my 33rd Year.

Today begins my 33rd year.  And I would like this year to be the one in which I:

  • listen more,
  • talk less,
  • eat more worthy food and pass up that which is not worthy,
  • make sure those that I love know it,
  • feel physically strong and
  • reveal to folks the love of Jesus Christ without many words.

I am particularly grateful to be where I am.  I am humbled by that with which God has blessed me–a husband who makes life better, a family whom I genuinely love spending time with, friends I do not deserve, and a home where I would be happy spending the rest of my days.  Life is good.

Oh!  And the other birthday surprise is this.

It is a Jenn Air dishwasher!  I am just excited that it cleans, is quiet, and has a china setting.

5 responses to “The beginning of my 33rd Year.

  1. Happy Birthday, Chelsea!

  2. Sharon McMichael

    Happy Birthday Chelsea Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Aunt dot / dorthy

    Happy birthday! Today is a day to celebrate you, Chelsea. I think the list of goals you have set for yourself pretty much describe who you are everyday. God celebrated the Thornton family, our family, 33 years ago, in blessing us all, with you. You completed the Thornton family, like icing on a cake. So, so sweet, soft and moist, we always needed just a little bit more, (of you). You are an amazing young lady. One of my sweetest blessings. Lift a glass tonight, we will in your honor.
    love you, Aunt Dot

  4. Happy Birthday, Chelsea!

  5. what a beautiful sentiment from your Aunt Dot. I second it. well done.