Birthdays are fun.

Highlights of my birthday included:

  1. Bumping our normal 6 am run to 7 am.  Running when it is light outside with two of my favorites was a treat.
  2. Starting a new bar of soap in the shower.
  3. Taking the day off of work.
  4. Lunch with my mother, sister and niece.
  5. Shopping with my sister (we NEVER get to do this).
  6. Getting a facial from here.  A real treat.  (Thanks, Dad.)
  7. Feeling really cool on Facebook.
  8. Sweet texts and calls.
  9. And postponing the “real” festivities until Scott could be released from his captivity in Birmingham.  Cake, cards, and presents waited until Friday.

So on Friday, we had my favorite type of party.  It was complete with lots of play time.

Lots of eating, though the adult table was not documented.

And LOTS of blowing out candles.  Like maybe 10 times.

I also received some super sweet handmade notes.

It was a sweet celebration that was more of a gift than I deserve.  The gift of time, a meal, and actual presents is more than this girl can ask for.

One response to “Birthdays are fun.

  1. I love Marlee’s card!!! You ARE all those things! 🙂
    I also love that you started a new bar of soap. HA!
    Happy bday!!!!!