Sugar and the Hi Lows.

I absolutely love our town.  And my love only increases during SXSW.  It just seems like the arms of Austin open wide and give everyone visiting a big hug.

Scott and I are trying to be part of that.

So, when we found out that one of my friends from college has a little sister making her SXSW debut this year, we were super excited.  This would be the perfect way to host someone and live vicariously through them.  So now we have Sugar, of Sugar and the Hi Lows (and Mary, a behind the scenes member of the band/business partner) staying at our house.  And through the experience, I have made several observations.

First, these guys work super hard.  This week in Austin is not unlike running a marathon.  They eat power foods.  Drink power drinks (of the coconut water variety).  Sleep when they can.  Try their hardest to take care of themselves.  Dress the part.  Pack a bag for the road.  It is hard work.

Second, these guys are really good.  I encourage everyone to download Sugar and the Hi Lows.

They have a 1950’s feel, and they make you want to dance. I went to hear them yesterday at Lucy’s Fried Chicken, which has fried chicken that is totally worthy of eating, and while it was more of an eating venue, the kids of the audience were drawn to the front to dance.  I think the rest of us wished we were as uninhibited as the children.

Third, the suitcase explosion of an artist is so much more interesting than the explosion that comes from my own suitcase.  When I open my suitcase, boring stuff comes out–running shoes, jeans, maybe a cute top, etc.  Not for an artist/musician/performer.  My quick glance (though it sounds a little creepy now that I am saying this to admit even a glance) revealed sequins, fur, ruffles, etc.  I was struck by the stark difference.

I hope this week is worth the work.  It sure is a pleasure to be a tiny part of it all. All I do is provide a room, coffee, and maybe a banana for these hard workers.  Go get ’em, Sugar.

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