Spring to do list.

Spring has sprung in our wonderful town.

photo by Jay Janner, with the Austin American Statesman

And with Spring, comes a growing “to do” list.  Here are my goals for the next few months.

1. Build a fence to create a front and back yard.  I want it to look like this.

2. Mulch all of our beds.  I think this will take about 10 yards of mulch.  We think we are going to get it from here.

3. Get a sprinkler system.  We will hire this work, I hope.

4. Plant grass.  We think we are going to go with something called Ecolawn.

5. Install our drinking fountain and replace our water mainline.  We are hoping that the water mainline replacement will improve our water pressure.

6. Start going to more estate sales to continue the search for side tables and little finishing pieces.

7. Spend more time getting together with friends.

8. Discover new food.  We tried Elizabeth Street Cafe this weekend and loved it.

9. Go on a trailer food tour.

10. Get new porch chairs.

11. Drink more wine on the front porch.

12. Make my vegetable plants grow.

13. FINALLY get a floor plan of our current house.

14. Begin thinking about a design for our renovation.

15. Jackhammer our current front walk and make it look more like this.  We would have grass in between the pads rather than rock.

16. Get a trip on the books to Hawaii.

Let’s see how far we get with all this…

2 responses to “Spring to do list.

  1. Sign me up for the food trailer tour! I’ve always wanted to do that

  2. Fabulous list! If you do Ecolawn, let us know what you think. We are always talking about wanting to find more draught-tolerant alternatives for our landscaping. I might be able to help some with the need for side tables and finishing pieces. I have several sweet antique tables that I adore but just can’t find a place for in this house. Let me know if you’d like to come see them or want me to send you pictures of them.