Shower heads.

Our shower head started leaking.  In the process of fixing the leak, the shower head broke.  Oh well.  You can’t win them all.  A shower head search has ensued.  Here are the top contenders.

#1  $58.99  This one is very similar to what we had…which broke.  I can’t tell if it is made with plastic, which I am trying to avoid.


#2  $29.99.  I can’t tell whether it is metal or plastic but it does have a 1-year warranty.


#3  $187.00.  This one is substantially more, but very solid looking.  It does not contain plastic, and the hose is heavy duty stainless steel.

#4 $34.99.  Chrome finish.  Contains some plastic.  😦

I am sure there are other contenders I need to find.  I am looking for the style reflected in each of these–to get the handheld and more traditional shower head from one spout.  Is the expensive one worth it?  Suggestions?

2 responses to “Shower heads.

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  2. These kind of double shower heads looks powerful. Aren’t they consumer lots of water? 1 is enough for me on daily use.