A new walk.

We have poured concrete.  And our muscles can tell.

After last weekend, our yard looked like this.

On Friday, Scott made forms for the concrete.

On Saturday Scott and Dean (Scott’s uncle who came from NC on vacation and ended up helping us) evened the ground with rock, and THEN went to town with concrete.

After ever pad was poured, they had a beer.

Dean’s sweet son, Andrew, showed up in the afternoon with Ryan.  These three guys are our heroes.  We could not have finished without their hard work.  Andrew did all his work in flip flops.

Here is the finished product with Scott smoothing out the edges.

And without the forms.

And Scott’s little surprise for me.

Mom is sure that we need to put mini mondo grass in between the pads.  I was not too sure until I found this picture.  Pretty cute!

Next up?  Install a new main water line to the house (we have the original old, clogged pipes), put in a sprinkler system, and then comes grass.  I hope this drought lets up.

One response to “A new walk.

  1. susandunaway

    It looks great! I stopped by on my way home from the trail this AM. Well done!!