As we start planning our landscaping, I want to make plans for rainchains.  Of course, they won’t go up until we get all new siding, paint and windows (in awhile), but I do want to make plans for them as design our outside space.  Here are some of my favorites.

Ana Williamson Architect contemporary entry
Boxenbaum Residence modern exterior
Greenlake Custom Home traditional entry
5609 Residence asian landscape
Eco Retreat contemporary exterior
Feldman Architecture modern landscape

Sunset Magazine

This one from Overstock.com looks good.

2 responses to “Rainchains.

  1. Aunt dot / dorthy

    Chelsea, We have 5 rain chains. I saw one in Austin, at a sweet little spot, (near the black and white store), your mom took me to for happy hour. I was so excited about it, while describing it to John. With out much acknowledgement of anything I had said, he proceeded to make and install 5 chains. It is storming today, we even had snow up at my new little spot to work. Until today, I did not realize how much I love rain chains.
    This will be simple for Scott, compared to last weekend.
    Love, aunt dot

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