Accessories on Facebook.

I made a new discovery a few weeks ago that I did not need to make.  At my cousin’s baby shower, I overheard a conversation between my other cousin and a friend.  My cousin said something like, “Oh my gosh!  You got them!  I love them!  How did you get them?!”  And the girl proceeded to give her all of her insight on how to beat the other auction “goers” to the punch.  They were talking about earrings purchased on Facebook.  Earrings purchased on Facebook?  Huh?

Apparently, there are auctions taking place on Facebook.  At a certain time, on a certain day of the week, the auction starts with pictures of cute (and cheap) jewelry starts popping up.  The picture will give the price and quantity available.  The goal is to comment on the picture with your email address and “sold” in time to “win” the auction, based on the quantity of items available.  At the end of the auction, you receive a bill for the things you purchased and then they show up in the mail.    Voila.

After I discovered Accessory Auctions, two other similar sites popped up.  All with similar stuff.  Not high quality but perfect little accents.

Here are a few of my favorites:

From Accessory Auctions (Monday nights at 8 pm central):

From Ball and Chain Accessory Auction (Wednesday nights at 8 pm central):

From Auctionistas (Sunday nights at 8 pm central):

A few tips:

  • The stuff sells quickly–sometimes within seconds.  So you have to be ready to think fast.
  • Prior to the auction starting, type “SOLD, email address” (including your email address) into an email or some document.  Then copy that text.  Now you will have it ready to paste when you see something you want.
  • If you decide you don’t want the thing, you can always delete your comment within a few minutes.
  • I think you have to “like” the page prior to bidding.

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