For the past few months I have been trying to find little touches to make our living room feel complete.  And every time I find these touches, Scott becomes a little less pleased with our living room.  He hates clutter, and I love finishing touches.  Unfortunately, his clutter is is the same as my finishing touches.

The most recent finishing touch comes in the form of benches.  And here’s how they look.

Bonnie gave me a gift certificate an a coupon for Ballard Designs.  And with that help, I bought these two benches.  Thanks, Bonnie!

The funny thing is placement.  The picture above shows how I like them.  But Scott keeps moving them away from each other to “help airflow.”  The benches are over an air conditioning vent.  I have a feeling that while I won the battle to actually have these benches in the living room, I will actually lose the battle of specific placement.  Here’s Scott’s preference.

I call this a good compromise.

3 responses to “Benches.

  1. I agree it is a good compromise!

  2. I love the bench idea. Personally I agree that they look good pushed together but compromise is the name of the game.

  3. i love that scott keeps moving them because i would do the same. hilarious!!!!!!!!!