Wisdom from a landscaper.

We have had several folks come look at our yard and provide a bid for a sprinkler system and grass.  I find it fascinating that so many have come by and we have received few bids.  The follow up leaves a lot to be desired.  Or maybe they don’t like us.  Either way, oh well.

One experienced (and very expensive) landscaper came by and gave us some wonderful nuggets of advice.

He said:

  • Work with the topography rather than work against it.  It will cost you less.  (This when asking if we need a retaining wall.)
  • Don’t fight nature.  If grass doesn’t grow in an area, make it a mulched or planted area.
  • If you spend lots of money for something particularly beautiful, make sure it is in a spot where you can enjoy the beauty regularly.  He said this in the context of rainchains.  Oh how I love my rainchains.
Eco Retreat contemporary exterior

One response to “Wisdom from a landscaper.

  1. Those are all great pieces of advice!