Over mulched.

Would you like to see what a dump truck full of mulch looks like?

It might not look like much, but it does take up pretty much our entire driveway.  It is 12 yards, or approximately 324 bags full of mulch.  Either way you put it, it is simply TOO MUCH MULCH.

We ordered so much because we wanted to get a “good thick layer” of mulch to fight weeds.  Success.  Weeds have no chance.

Scott and I spread all of it on Saturday.  And now I don’t have the energy for “after” pictures, or well…much of anything else.  Maybe by midweek my hands will be able to hold a camera and I will get after pictures.  For now?  I am just to believe that all these tight muscles actually means I have the body of a swimsuit model.

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  2. amazing! This calls for an sos call out to friends and family. Had I been in town I’d have come for a bit.
    Team Buchholtz does it once again! Good job!

  3. You guys are super busy in the yard department. It’s all I can do to get mine mowed!