Progress inside and out.

We are getting closer to having a yard.  But right now we just have a sprinkler system that does not work and a very muddy yard.  The plumber had to install a new mainline from the homeowner shut-off to the house.  This was supposed to increase the volume of our water so that we would have enough water for sprinklers.  Well, on Friday afternoon, after the sprinklers were installed and the plumber had done his thing, we had LESS water.  The sprinklers won’t push water out of them.  The plumber says it isn’t his fault.  And the sprinkler guy says not to pay the plumber until he makes it right.  Fun times.

Apparently there might be a problem on the “city side” of the mainline, so we will trouble shoot that this week.  In the meantime, here is what we have.


It rained really nicely on Saturday night so the gross brown dirt that will welcome the hydro-mulched yard seed (which can’t be done until the sprinklers work) is now a mud pit.

But I think we are close.

In other news, I received my new side table!  I have looked for something this color for a long time.  Trying to copy Erika’s look.  Here’s Erika’s.

And here is mine.  I still need a little tray on time to finish the look.

No shame in copying.

One response to “Progress inside and out.

  1. If it works for someone else and you love it, why not make it yours. I like to call it “R&D” (rob and duplicate). Your table is great and good luck with the yard!