Lanterns and an update.

My camera battery is dead and we can’t find the charger.  I have a new one ordered, but it is coming from China.  I am too cheap to pay for one from this country—the difference was about $30 for one here, or $0.99 (plus about $2 in shipping) for one from China, but it comes on the slow boat.  So I have not been taking pictures, and thus have not been blogging much.  Because who really likes blogs without pictures?  Not me.

The yard is still a mud pit, but it is drying.  At the end of last week, we had a storm come through that dropped a record amount of rain in a very short time.  Much of our top soil that was waiting for grass seed was washed away, but we are grateful that the seed had not yet been spread.  I think we would have had to start again.  We are still waiting for the city to install a new water pipe, before we can get grass seed.  Scott called the city yesterday for an update.  The city said it had not yet been scheduled.  Arrrgh.  Perhaps this week.  The guy that installed the sprinkler system and spread the top soil is absolutely wonderful.  He is patiently waiting for the city and says he will add top soil and spread it.  Nice guy.

In the meantime, Scott is working on another—not very photogenic—project.  He is wiring our house for Christmas lights and lanterns.  When I started thinking about hanging Christmas lights last Christmas, Scott asked, “well how are you going to power them?”  I had not thought much about it, but don’t most people just used an extension cord hanging out a window or something?  That was NOT okay with Scott.  He asked me to give him a year.  And he started thinking about how to get power to the trees.  So when the trenches for the sprinkler system were dug, we also laid wire for electrical outlets that lead to the trees.  So we
have three trees that are powered with a plug.  The plan is to wire the trees with a few hanging lanterns, similar to the below picture.  We have admired the hanging lanterns at a house in East Austin for many years.

I can’t find lanterns like this anywhere.  So what did I do?  I knocked on the guy’s door but nobody answered.  So I looked up his address through the tax office and got his name.  And then I wrote him the below note.  I sure hope he responds.

Here’s to hoping.  If he doesn’t, then I have found a few other options, but they aren’t as cool.

Scott spent this weekend wiring the house wires so that we can turn the lanterns (and the Christmas lights) on with a flip of a switch from the inside of our house.  Brilliant.  He says it is because he is lazy, but he didn’t seem lazy this weekend.

3 responses to “Lanterns and an update.

  1. susandunaway

    There is not a lazy bone in Scott’s body!

  2. Hilary Stegemoller

    I think Dylan should be flattered by your note! Also, well done on taking advantage of the sprinkler installation to trench the wiring for lights! You guys continue to impress me!

  3. That note to the neighbor is so classic Chelsea! I love it! And I love what you are doing to the house. Can’t wait to see the Christmas Lights in December!