Summer favorites.

I keep a running list of favorites.  And these are a few of the latest….

I have admired this bag for a long time.  I could buy it here, but can’t justify the cost right now.

I have been feeling the need to eat more vegetables, and so I subscribed to a vegetable service that delivers to a community drop off location on my street.  Each week I get a bag of veggies like the above.  And then I have to work hard to eat them all.  Which means I eat more veggies than anything else.  I am a huge fan of Johnson’s Backyard Garden.

Tasty Kitchen’s Pepitas Shrimp Skewers are yummo.  Perfect for summer.

The Webster Miami “The Shops at Target” line is super fun.  I bought this dress and wore it to church with a skinny belt.  Super comfortable and cheap.

These red Tom’s are perfect when my toes don’t look cute.

But when I can have cute toes, I have been liking this color…

Essie’s Mink Muffs doesn’t sound summery, but it works for me!

It sure is fun to make new discoveries.  What are you new favorites?

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