De Beach.

I went to “de beach” for about 48 hours at the beginning of the week.  My dear friend, Susan, has 3-year-old triplets–I met them there, along with a sweet friend of Susan’s–Jenny.  And I absolutely loved having these guys to myself.

Susan was made to be a momma.  And she is a darn good one.  

That is Jon, Ashley, and Ann*.  I loved being with them.  But I was exhausted when I got home.  Susan is my hero.

*Ann is wearing her brother’s swim top.  She did not want to wear hers.  But I think Susan would want me to state (for the record) that Ann has a swim top to match her sister’s.

In other news, we still don’t have grass.  Come on, City of Austin!

One response to “De Beach.

  1. Chels, it was our absolute pleasure to have you along! We like to call that a trip, not a vacation. It’s easy to be heroic when we have man to man coverage. You were an incredible help with the kids and I treasured our time together!