Still no water, so still no grass.  Sigh.

But we do have some things to be excited about!

Like cucumbers.

And Datura.

Some day it will have flowers like this…

And pretty bushes with little yellow flowers.  I wish I knew their name.

And pride of barbados.

And the progress one year makes on a pomegranate tree.  Today it looks like this.

Last year it looked like this.

What a difference a year makes!

And lastly, my tomatoes–which are being attacked by predator raccoons.

I just wrapped this cage stuff around the whole bed.  We shall see if that deters them.  Those critters should not exist.  They have stolen about 15 green tomatoes from me.  Little Devils.

3 responses to “Outside.

  1. Kelly Hayden

    Is that Lantana? Y’all sure do have green thumbs! Pretty!

  2. Karen Weber

    The yellow flowering bush is Thryallis. My favorite.