The ultimate helper.

The Bar exam is meant to provide an opportunity for a collection of folks, every July and February to experience hell on earth.  I think it was actually created by the devil himself.  But I overcame it.  I weighed a little less, and my nerves were fried, but I survived.  And many others have as well.  And others will next month.  I have a dear family friend who is taking it in July and even though I am not part of her daily life, I feel a little sick for her as she endures the long days of study and worry.  I tell people to study with the fear of failure (i.e. zero arrogance) and you will likely do just fine.

But as the bar exam comes in and out of my mind, I think about how it equipped me for the next challenge.  While I was studying for the bar exam, I received the advice to pick a comforting verse and hold tight to it.  And so I did.  And boy has that verse served me well since then.

I uttered this verse to myself through the long days of studying for the exam, and indeed, I believe I uttered it throughout the 20 hours of the exam (spread over 3 days).

About a week or so ago, I encountered a challenge that made me want to avoid my normal routine; I did not, however, have the luxury of doing so.  So I filed that verse away in my brain and walked through the daily routine, armed with the promise that the Lord is my helper.

And really, what more do we need?

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