Stand up paddle boards and a bike.

We bought two stand up paddle boards (SUPs).It made sense, given that we live less than a mile from the lake.  And Scott has figured out how to attach them to our bikes for easy transport.  Check out our system.

It took about a week to figure out.  Scott something called the mule, and modified it a bit.  When we have ventured to the lake, people stop us to talk about how we did it.  Scott did all the work.  Because I am so short, Scott had to come up with a way to keep my board high enough so that it would not hit the back wheel of my bike.  I am so proud of his ability to problem solve.  And I am excited about a summer of dates on the lake.

One response to “Stand up paddle boards and a bike.

  1. That is so cool. I can’t believe he made that.