We need water.

First of all, the pictures in this post have nothing to do with the subject, other than the fact that the post is about water, and so are the pictures.  Get ready for random.

When Scott got a new job (2 months and one week ago) we decided to celebrate by completing our yard project.  It was supposed to take a week.  The project included killing the little grass we had, increasing the size of our plumbing pipes from the city shut-off point, having a sprinkler system installed, adding power to a few trees while the sprinkler system trenches were open, adding top soil, and spreading grass seed.

Loco Grande.

Well, we got as far as adding top soil.  And then we realized that the sprinkler system did not work because on the “city side” of the water pipes, we were not getting enough water to our property.  This is probably because we own an old home with old pipes.  We have the old metal pipes that get all clogged which means that not enough gets through to us.  So when we turned on our sprinkler system to test it, it just dribbled.  Awesome.  The sprinkler guy said that we would have to call the city and have them replace the waterlines on the “city side.”

Pop fishing with a sweet girl still in her princess nightgown.

The sprinkler guy, by the way, has been so nice about the whole thing.  We would recommend him to anyone.  That is, if our sprinkler system works once the city does its thing.

We have been calling the city every day since then.  We (and by “we,” I mean Scott) have spoken to lots of people, each referring us elsewhere.  And then one day Josie (who miraculously cleans our home occasionally) called me.  She was at the house and said, “Miss Chelsea?  There is a guy at the door that needs to talk to you.” Hmmmm.  It was a WATER GUY!  HORRAY!  He said that he was submitting a plan to the city to reroute the city buses on the street on the side of our house that would need to be shut down in order to replace the water pipe.  THE WHOLE STREET IS CLOSING JUST FOR LITTLE OLD US!

The start of the Coeur d’Alene Ironman. Scott is in there somewhere. Amazing.

That plan got rejected.  Twice.  We have no clue why.  But then apparently they had a meeting at our house (which we were not invited to attend) and got the ball rolling.  It was to be done last Saturday.  Except it was not.  Apparently there was one hang up–the bike lane.  Bus traffic would be rerouted.  That got approved.  Car traffic would be rerouted.  That got approved.  Rerouting the bike lane traffic, however, was a major hold up.  And so we wait.  The nice lady Scott spoke to on Friday afternoon promised that this coming Saturday would be the day.  Who knows.  There might be a new hang up–perhaps our road is in the path of a bird flight pattern that might be confused by the road closure?  We shall see.

Fun on the boat.

So consider this a public service announcement to stay away from Exposition near Enfield this weekend because we need our sprinkler system to work and to make it work we have to close the street.  So sorry.

3 responses to “We need water.

  1. Sharon McMichael

    I do hope you get your water issue fixed this Saturday. We as well have had water issues not to little but too much. Our sprinkler box does not shut off and runs and runs and runs. We have to baby sit it to turn it off. We found this out when they ran for 10 hours in the night with out us knowing. ouch on the large payment for that water.
    We will be getting a new timer box soon but will not have to wait on the city just the warranty service. Good luck to you.

  2. All cyclist beware, there is a detour at Enfield and Exposition!
    There! Is that enough notice to take care of the Hold-UP!!

    Crossing my fingers that this is the week!!

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