No water…yet.

We thought we were getting water last Saturday, but we did not.

And though this is a picture of Fletcher, it is how we all feel.

I actually think Fletcher is feeling a little dorky, for being made to go to the park in outfit that was deemed to be too small by the end of the day.  And most other kids at the park didn’t have pants that buttoned to their shirt.

But I digress.

Last Saturday was determined to be a holiday weekend by the City of Austin.  Thus, we did not get water.  This Saturday SHOULD be the day.  So consider this a public service announcement to stay away from Enfield and Exposition.  We are shutting down the road!

Stay tuned.   And say a prayer.

P.S. I just started the The American Heiress.  Good book.

3 responses to “No water…yet.

  1. Sometimes I wish my pants buttoned to my shirt. Good luck with the water!

  2. Aunt dot / dorthy

    We love that sweet Fletcher face! Praying for pipes full of water.

  3. “pants that buttoned to their shirt” made me laugh out loud! also makes me miss you. 🙂