We have water.

This was the first sign that Saturday was going to be THE day.

The pipe that had to be replaced was in the middle of a busy street.

This seems like a lot of work for little-old-us.

For most of the time, cars could pass, one at a time.  But for a while, the road was closed completely.

We were without water for a few hours.  But when they turned it back on, I turned on the hose, the washer, dishwasher, and Scott showered.  No problems.  And that, my friends, is miraculous.

Today we get grass.

I call that progress.

2 responses to “We have water.

  1. Sharon McMichael


  2. Aunt dot / dorthy

    There is somthing about water, that brings our family great comfort. I can already smell fresh, green, lawn, soon.