Home from vacation.

Scott and I left Saturday morning and spent a few days in the mountains.  Our goals were to eat good food, do something active every day, read books, and enjoy.  We accomplished them all.  We flew into Denver and immediately ate at Snooze.  They may have the most creative breakfast food on the planet.  Worth a trip.  I had asked Facebook for food suggestions and my friends did not disappoint.  Thanks for the suggestions, all.

We then drove straight to Boulder and spent a few days there.  We hiked every day, and ate some good food.  The Kitchen was probably the culinary highlight–the peach bruschetta (in this out of focus pictures) was amazing.

And this was Scott’s favorite beer.  Of course we travel to Boulder, Colorado to find a beer from the Czech Republic.

We also hiked to some beautiful places.  We were humbled by the altitude–it did not take much to be out of breath.  But the views were breathtaking.

We topped off the trip with a James Taylor concert at Red Rocks.  We were treated to a lighting show, and about an hour of rain delay, all of which added to the experience.  We will go back to Red Rocks.  It was amazing.  And so was James Taylor.  His voice has aged well.  And we didn’t even mind bringing down the average age of the concert crowd.

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