It is looking a little like a lawn.

The yard seems to fill in and look more like a lawn every day.  Our water bills are painfully high but that should go down substantially as we stop watering quite as much.  We have gone from watering 3 times a day (while the seeds germinate), to once a day.  Next week we will go to every other day.

We still have work to do but I would say this is progress from when we moved in.

These are the google map pictures around the time we bought the place.

We found car parts, eye glasses, boulders, lots of flower pots, and all sorts of things under the leaves and overgrowth.  This yard had been loved, but not in a long while.

I need to plant my fall garden.  And we might have some folks rent our house during the F1 race to pay for a bathroom remodel.  Stay tuned on those fronts.  I have not blogged as much lately for a few different reasons.  Scott doesn’t travel much anymore so I am spending more time with him and less time in front of a computer.  But also, the big project at the moment is to save money for a kitchen redo.  Blogging about saving money isn’t real exciting.

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