A new year.

It is the end of August and it seems like a new year.  I am not going to school, nor do I have little ones who are.  But it is easy to feel the new year upon us.  Last year, we were on the route of the Austin High Seniors toilet paper extravaganza, in which the entire neighborhood route to the high school looked like Bounty’s version of heaven.  I wonder what it will be this year.

Jane, my niece who just moved to town, starts kindergarten.  We shopped for a backpack a few weeks ago and landed on one with rainbow hearts.  The perfect choice.  She is now brave enough to swing on our wobbly swing all by herself.  And she knows how to pump.

Fletch, on the other hand, still wants to be held.

I started a new job and am setting up work life some where new.  It is definitely a new year.  I feel the urge to buy new pencils, to get a fresh start.

But the year that is on my mind is the new year starting for Aunt Dot, Lora and Andy.  Year two without John.  There will be less paperwork, less learning about chores like how to take care of the pool, less divvying of work supplies, but still the same huge void.  It isn’t the year they want to have, but it is the year each is going to do–with the grace, strength, and courage that can only come from above.  May we each surround them and give them what they need.  I once heard a widow say that Year Two was the worst.  May the worst be forever behind them.

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