Pink cake.

I am known as the person who makes pink cake.  Everyone in my world might not know me this way, but in our little circle of chosen family, with whom we celebrate family birthdays, I bring the cake.  And I am happy to bring whatever I kind of dessert requested (as long as it is not too hard).  But more often than not, it seems as if I bring pink cake.  As in, strawberry cake.  By request.  I really don’t try to force my pink cake on these people.

Recently, we had a birthday party and Emma Beth asked for pink cake.  I believe she is the one that originally requested it so many years ago and it just sort of stuck.

I have seen a bunch of gradient-colored cakes lately, so I was determined to do that with the pink cake.  The cake is not difficult.  I use the recipe out of the Cake Mix Doctor that calls for a cake mix, a box of strawberry jello, and several other things.  But you pretty much just dump and mix.  I was doing three layers.  So in the whole batter, I put only half of the strawberry jello mix.  Then I poured one layer of the cake into the first cake pan.  Then I added another bit of the jello and added a drop of pink food coloring.  Then I poured the second pan.  Then I added the remainder of the jello and another drop of food coloring, and filled the remainder of batter in the third pan.  It worked!

It was fun to try something new, and the birthday girl loved it, though I am not sure she noticed the differing colors.  That was for me.

2 responses to “Pink cake.

  1. It is truly wonderfully fabulous and has become a tradition. I don’t want the cake baking job because Chelsea does it best but I would like the recipe for my files. Thanks, K

  2. Hilary Stegemoller

    Sweet Chelsea!
    It’s good to see Jane in the picture! She must love being so close to you guys now.