I don’t know how we started this, but the most highly referenced devotional book in my family is Oswald Chambers,’ My Utmost For His Highest.  It seems as if the wisdom that comes to our mind most often was penned by Oswald.  And we refer to him as such.  I have heard my mother say on several occasions, “In Oswald today….”  The basic message that seems to repeat itself in Oswald is one that we all need repeatedly: Get over yourself.  Life isn’t all about you.  Be a doormat.  When my mother references Oswald for such a repremand, somehow, it doesn’t seem as harsh.

I find that I return to Oswald time and time again.  When I lack peace and am reminded to start my day with God, Oswald most effectively centers me.  So this last week, when a worker at Central Market nearly made me cry, followed by a driver who seemed to yell at me from another whole car away, I went to God, through Oswald.  On that particular day I was reminded that God is present even in the silence.  Check out October 11.  It is a good one.

My mother’s Oswald is so worn that she has had it rebound.  Getting a new one isn’t good enough.  All of the meaningful days in her life–birthdays, baptisms, deaths–are all recorded in Oswald.  A new one would not do.

2 responses to “Oswald.

  1. I still have my copy!! And I cherish it!

  2. I, too, find Oswarld’s devotional perfect for my needs