A bike and some lanterns.

First off, a new trendy hipster bike is in my future.

It looks like this.

We went to Sun and Ski Sports a few weeks ago to talk to a guy about a wheel (for Scott and his new mountain biking hobby).  But in the window was this orange beauty.  I asked about it, and apparently it was on sale to get ready for the newer models.  The price was reasonable, but the sales guy said that it would keep going down in price.

I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  In the meantime, Scott bought another bike, bringing our garage total to 5 (though we have sold one since then).

Over the last few weeks, I would mention the orange bike enough that Scott finally declared that we needed to get it.   And we did just that on Saturday.  We haggled the guy down a little and asked him to throw in a basket.  Hooray for a basket!  And since then, we sold two more of our bikes!  So when all is said and done, I will have an orange bike, and Scott will have a mountain bike and a road bike.  Not too bad.

I am excited to pick it up next weekend.

But in other news, the lanterns in the trees are happening.  Read here for the beginning of the story.  Dylan wrote me an email, thanking me for my “sweet note.”  Turns out he owns a landscape design firm called D. Crain.  He makes the lanterns, but had several in his warehouse left over from another project.  We pick up 4 of these beauties on Thursday.

I hope to have them hug in time for trick or treaters.

One response to “A bike and some lanterns.

  1. only you could stalk someone in a creepy manner and get lanterns out of it 🙂