Three lanterns are hung.  And one lantern remains to be hung.  Scott’s hands are ripped to shreds, but progress has been made.

Scott finished two on Saturday with a 16 foot ladder, but two of the places where we wanted to hang the lanterns were unreachable with a 16-footer.  Sunday we snagged the Keith’s 24-foot ladder.  That allowed Scott to reach the third, but the fourth might require a cherry-picker.  Anyone have one we can borrow?

Thanks to Drake and his Coast Guard and Marine buddies who came to stay with us a few weeks ago.  We got the sweetest gift in the mail from them–a Home Depot gift card!  We spent every dime of it on wire, hooks, and electrical boxes.  Thanks, guys.  We loved having you.

Safety first.  Scott fastened the ladder to a tree.  He also wore safety glasses.

Our neighbor came over near the end of the day on Saturday.  He took one look at Scott in a tree and said, “dude, you are f@#$in’ handy.”  I agree.  But I am not sure I would have said it in those words.  He would go home periodically for a cold beer– one for him and one for Scott.  Scott loved it.  Beer and a ladder.  Maybe I take back what I said about safety first.

The pictures were taken at the end of Saturday.  We will document the rest when we find a friend with a cherry picker.  Until then, I think the trick-or-treaters will have enough light for candy.

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