The day my mom lost her skirt in church.

One of the things I love most about my mom is that she can laugh at herself.  And that has never been more true than on Sunday.

Last weekend was a busy weekend for Mom.  She did flowers for the funeral of a beloved woman at church, Judy.  Judy’s husband, long ago, asked Mom to make sure that Judy had tons of flowers at her funeral, “when the time comes.”  Claude went before Judy and wanted to make sure Judy was cared for lavishly.  So Mom got to fulfill that promise with beautiful flowers on Saturday–loads of them.  And she hosted a shower on Sunday.  So she was a bit preoccupied on Sunday morning at church–tired and just doing well to make it there.

She put on a very cute outfit–an elastic-waist skirt with a cute top that was long enough to just barely cover her butt.  I think she also was wearing a scarf because she always does.  Oh, and spanks–the kind that go higher than your waist.  She says they were a little see-through.

During a song in which the whole church was standing, Mom heard Ann gasp behind her.  Mom looked down and saw her skirt at her ankles.  HER ANKLES.  She quickly sat down and shimmied her skirt back on.  And just cracked up.  Ann’s husband said he didn’t see.  And only a few ladies behind her admitted to seeing it.  She just continued on like it didn’t happen.

Mom told our girls Bible study group last night and one girl could not believe that Mom did not actually die from the experience.  Instead, when Mom was replaying the story, she laughed so hard her eyes disappearred (which is the sign of pure joy for all Waters Women).

The Waters Women

I want to be more like that.  Lose my skirt and just laugh.

9 responses to “The day my mom lost her skirt in church.

  1. Sarah Kennington

    Chelsea this is an awesome story. I’ll keep in my heart forever. We should all be able to loose a skirt and laugh!

  2. She’s a wonderful role model for all of us!

  3. Aunt dot / dorthy

    I’m so grateful to be a part of the Waters women. Lee Ann, you are my hero!
    This is a very funny story. Made my day!

  4. When I saw the title for this entry of course my interest was PIQUED 🙂 I love this story and I’m definitely getting some spanx because this sounds like something that would happen to me! Thanks for sharing, I needed to laugh 🙂

  5. Love it!! Your mom is a treasure 🙂

  6. That is too funny!!! Just what a classy lady would do.
    Love it!!!

  7. Chels, your’re one of those who can make life Fun–these Waters’ go with the flow—some things fall down and make life unusual, but what a difference it makes ” to live, to love and to LAUGH.” Love U, Mamie

  8. I love that woman.. and you!