What I read on vacation.

I take my reading list on vacation very seriously.  I want to make sure that I have “worthy” books to read.  I have begun pinning books on Pinterest when I receive a good recommendation.  On our recent vacation to Maui, I read three books and loved each of them.

The first was the Language of Flowers, which I devoured on the plane headed to Maui.  This book made me cry a little, but it turns out good in the end, which is a criteria of mine.  I hate being left empty and sad.  This one will do the opposite.  It is the story of a child who was abandoned by her parents as a baby and moved from foster home to foster home until she met a good match.  If I had read this book over several days, I would have worried about the main character when not reading.  She became a very real person in my head.  Very sweet book.  

Language of Flowers

I next read One Breath Away, which was stressful.  It is the story of a gunman who enters a small town school, and the townspeople who deal with the unraveling situation.  It, too, turns out okay in the end, but it is very intense throughout.  I was not as impressed with the writing in this book, but was captured by the story, whose main character is a police woman who is intricately involved with the reason the gunman is in the school.  Worth a read, I think, but I read it before the Shady Hook shooting.  It might be too real now.

One Breath Away

Lastly, I read the Art of Racing in the Rain.  This one surprised me.  I did not expect to enjoy this book, but have found myself thinking about the book even after reading it.

Art of Racing in the Rain

This book is written from the perspective of a dog named Enzo, who has a really funny perspective on life.  The book starts at the end of his life but looks back to tell the story of he and his owner.  Not only is it funny, but it is also heart wrenching.  Enzo’s owner is a race car driver who is particularly good at racing in the rain.  I would recommend this to men and women.  Wonderful book.

What will I read next?  Any suggestions?  It has to end well, not be raunchy, and have minimal shoot-em-up scenes (Scott is the Jack Reacher reader), and have some amount of goodness to it.  Those are my criteria.

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  1. You should check out goodreads. It’s an app or .com. I love it. You make categories and can list to reads and have read etc. I love it. You can see what friends are reading too.